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Petr Milos Sadecky

04/01/1943 - 09/07/1991

A Sketch from the original book

​​Who is Octobriana?

Octobriana is a kind of Socialist Superheroine hailing from the Soviet Union. A Wonder Woman of the Communist east, she fought for freedom, truth and against totalitarianism the world over. Despising of the Stalinist corruption of the Soviet Union, she was said to be 'the living spirit of the October Revolution'.

Where did she come from?

She was introduced to the world at large in the early 1970s with the publication of a book entitled Octobriana and the Russian Underground.

Written by a young Czech defector called Petr Sadecky, the book told the story of how he had been involved with an underground organisation that spanned the Soviet world and called itself Progressive Political Pornography, or the PPP.

The reality was somewhat different, Petr Sadecky had in fact stolen the Octobriana artwork from his friends and colleagues in Prague. His book was an elaborate hoax and despite the fact that it was widely exposed as such on both sides of the iron curtain in the early 70s, this was soon forgotten and over the years Octobriana become a cult icon with a mysterious past

What happened to Petr Sadecky?

After he left Prague he settled in Goettingen, in the Federal Republic of Germany. He seems to have worked as a journalist and had a partner and a daughter, but lived alone. Petr Sadecky died of a brain tumour in 1991 aged only 48.

What about copyright?

The recieved wisdom has always been that the ownership of Octobriana is in the public domain, essentially because it was initially understood that she was created by an underground organisation in the Soviet Union.

Although we now know this is untrue, Octobriana has appeared in the work of so many different creators, her status as a public domain character remains unchallenged.

Having said that, the work of each individual creator remains their own and all work reproduced here is done so only inform people and to publicise the character.

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