Despite his years, when Petr Sadecky defected to the west in 1967, he was already a very accomplished young academic who had enjoyed a varied and unusual career in Communist Europe, the USSR and the People’s Republic of China.

But as a member of an illegal underground network that communicated only through their self published (Samizdat) magazines, he led a very different life.

Contributing to the formation of their most popular creation, Octobriana, a kind of Russian Wonder Woman and the Spirit of True Communism, he risked everything to defect and publish their work in the western world.

Or so he would have had us believe anyway.

The reality is that Sadecky's book was a fake, and far from being a member of an illegal underground organisation, he was actually spy for the Czechoslovak Secret Police. The vast majority of the Octobriana artwork in his book was stolen and modified to make it appear political, when the truth was the original comic strip was a non-political adventure story entitled Amazona.

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